The Art of Attention


22 and 23 September

Registration until 7

"Do not meditate deeply who has not danced intensely. Do not laugh joyfully who has not truly wept."

Interactive Concert

4, 12 and 25 September


Transformation journey, healing and expansion of consciousness, sustained by the sonorous vibrations of ancestral instruments and voice.

Shamanic Experiments Cycle

Interactive Concert – 4th, 12th and 25th September

Workshop - Shamanic Healing - Neuroscience - Quantum Thought – October 27th, 2018

Workshop - The Totem Dance – November 24th, 2018

Encounter & Happiness - Training in human development

3 October - Free Webbinar - Presentation of Encounter and Hapiness Training

Allows understanding and expirience the Deep Ecology...

Astrology of Conscious Evolution - Astrology of the Soul


Start 13th October

Cycle of Astrology 2019

Workshop - Meeting of Personality and Being – January 26th

Workshop – I love you??? Do you love me ??? What love is ours ??? – February 16th

Carnival Seriously - Masks - Music - Dance

Workshop - 2th March

Resgistrations until 22 February

Individual - Group - Family


Pantalassa Program

Spring 2019

Workshop - Diving with the Spirit of Cetaceans - Whales and Dolphins

Initiation Journey - Whale In

Primordial Nature

Core Shamanic Training

Intensive Training 2019

Perennial Path Programme

Individual sessions by appointment

Initiation Therapy

Individual sessions by appointment

Astrological Counselling and Coaching

Individual sessions by appointment

Programme Couple Therapy

Sessions by appointment

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