Training in human development

Voyage of the Soul through the Elements

Training in human development to achieve self-knowledge.

The active methodology used, pedagogical sociodrama, develops personal skills of spontaneity and creativity; social skills of empathy and altruism and expands awareness, to integrate the transpersonal dimension into everyday life.

The programmes explain and integrate psychic functions, a starting point for the construction of human wholeness.

The transdisciplinary approach covers scientific, artistic and philosophical knowledge and the Ancient Traditions of Wisdom, nourishing all psychic functions, in accordance with the basic pillars of education defined by UNESCO.

It is intended for all those who want to be realised as True Human Beings, who seek deep self-knowledge.

This training expresses the core vision of the Human Being, the inspiration for the Espaço e 4 Elementos Project.

The instruction is face-to-face.

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