Espaço e 4 Elementos

Transdisciplinary Centre – Research - Studies – Awareness Experiences.

The five elements: Space, Ether. the Quintessence that contains, vitalises and animates the other four elements of nature, Fire, Water, Earth and Air.

Espaço e 4 Elementos is a vision for Human Development, considering the fundamental anthropology of the Human Being, in accordance with the vision of ancient sages and today’s deep psychology.

Its vision is the holistic paradigm.

Espaço e 4 Elementos develops research, studies and awareness experiences with transformational, curing, educational and instructional activities, aimed at the Integral Development of the Human Being, with a transdisciplinary approach based on quantum thinking.

A whole Human Being, who is fulfilled in the balance of physical, emotional and mental components, as well as Awareness, who independently expresses all their creative potential and who is harmonised with others, with the Planet and the Cosmos, the Cosmic Human Being.

The activities are organised by professionals who, in addition to their specific knowledge, express the quality of the Beings that they are, with an awareness of the need for constant perfection and comprehensive service.

The ethical orientation includes confidentiality and respect for personal values and beliefs.

The synergies of cooperation encourage the fulfilment and optimisation of activities and are therefore important in this vision of Espaço e 4 Elementos.

The vision of Espaço e 4 Elementos is that of a whole, full, happy individual, relating to society in harmony and tune with everybody, with everything, with the Mother Earth and with the Cosmos, in the experience of deep ecology.

The Coordinator,

Maria Margarida Barros

“Do not walk behind me, I may not know how to lead, do not walk in front of me, I may not want to follow you, walk beside me so we can walk together”

Proverb Ute

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