Panthalassa Program -Spring 2019

Workshop - Diving with the Spirit of Cetaceans - Whales and Dolphins
Initiatic Journey - Whale In


"The new earth comes from the sea" Ancestral prophecy

The Pantalassa Programme (from the Greek, pan + thalasso, “all the seas”, a single ocean) seeks to recover the Ocean of crystal-clear water free from pollution and assaults for all the beings that inhabit it, leading to the liberation of memories of fear and guilt caused by human actions: hunting, military operations, shipwrecks, physical and sound pollution.

The Pantalassa Programme created in 2012 honours and celebrates the entry of Neptune into the astrological sign of the Fish, opening a new cycle of sensitive knowledge in humanity, of deep contact with water, with the knowledge and memories registered in collective unconsciousnesses, to use the language of deep psychology, or in Akashic records, if we use the language of oriental origin, Sanskrit.

The Pantalassa Programme aims to offer Humanity a rediscovery of respect and of Love for the Earth, thanking the Waters of the Oceans and contributing to the construction of a Culture of Peace.

The Pantalassa Programme revitalises and supports activities of personal and environmental awareness-raising, instruction and healing, restoring the purity, harmony and beauty of the oceans and of the whole Planet.

Under the Pantalassa Programme, the Whale In Project, created in 2011, based on a proposal I made to a group of apprentices from Training in Core Shamanism – Primordial Nature® which I co-created and developed, takes place in connection and direct contact with cetaceans, especially whales and dolphins, providing a personal and Earth transformation and healing, with practices from Core Shamanism and a transdisciplinary approach.

Shamanic practice with cetaceans dates back to the Palaeolithic. Ancient cultures recognised cetaceans, whales in particular, as sustaining the World.

My practice of shamanism with cetaceans has been developed since 2002 and intensified from 2009, with the inspiration of Mónica Zuretti, at the 2nd International Sociodrama Conference in Sweden and Finland. This inspiration provided a new breath for awareness and encouragement to continue with one of the main practices of Earth Healing, associated with Cetaceans.

Today whales and the dolphins are still essential supports for the balance of the Planet, contributing to the renewal of the Earth.

The connection and contact of humans with cetaceans provide conditions for human development and transformation and healing at all levels, both subtle and deep, acting on DNA codes, preparing the New Earth.

We can draw great lessons from the spirit of Whales and Dolphins. This spirit tells us to follow the Law of Love. It masterfully teaches the art of living in trust. It asks us to clean the oceans. And to join them.

Whale In - Whalesanddopins - Whales and Dolphins - thus responds to this appeal.


Initiation Journeys

Whales and Dolphins

Practice of connecting with Cetaceans

The Initiation Journey goes beyond the mere tourism component. It is a group process, in which the programme proposed is the journey to oneself, through conscious attention to subtle perception, with experiences that connect us to our deep core.

The condition of travelling is the practice of living in each moment the unknown, the adventure, the here and now!

Workshop - Diving with the Spirit of Cetaceans - Whales and Dolphins - Sring 2019

Initiatic Journey - Whale In - Sring 2019


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