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"Man fears spontaneity, just like his ancestor in the jungle feared fire; he feared fire until he learned how to make it. Man will fear spontaneity until he will learn how to train it."
Jacob Levy Moreno

Training in Human Development - Encounter and Happiness® is training for Peace. It covers the principles and values of a Culture of Peace and raises awareness of, balances and develops all human components.

Training in Human Development - Encounter and Happiness® makes it possible to understand and experience Deep Ecology, in accordance with a sustainable economy and integrating the dimension cosmic of the Human Being.

The active methodology used, psychodrama/pedagogical sociodrama, develops personal skills of spontaneity and creativity; social skills of empathy and altruism and expands awareness, to integrate the transpersonal dimension into everyday life. Psychodrama is a methodology that can reveal the truth of the soul through the action of the body.

The programme provides useful and simple tools to release tension, manage stress, resolve conflicts harmoniously and to provide self-knowledge and a sound opening to awareness.

The transdisciplinary approach covers scientific, artistic and philosophical knowledge and the Ancient Traditions of Wisdom, nourishing all psychic functions, in accordance with the basic pillars of education defined by UNESCO./p>

It is intended for all those who want to be realised as Real Human Beings, who seek meaning for their lives and also all those who are in a conscious search and want to find balance to continue their Human Development. It is cross-cutting form of training, complementing all areas of training and occupations, adapting to specific groups and different age levels.

I created Training in Human Development - Encounter and Happiness® in 2008, inspired by different training courses that I had attended, by my personal and vocational experience of individual and group coaching in Human Development processes.

Co-Creation and Orientation of Formation Maria Margarida Barros

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