Group activities - Workshop

Shamanic Healing - Neuroscience - Quantum Thought

In this theoretical-practical workshop we will know and explore the knowledge of today's Neuroscience and Quantum Physics, relate them to the essential anthropological vision of the human being, and to the methods and arts of ancestral shamanic healing.

We will experience some shamanic methodologies and shamanic healing arts, in a process of self-knowledge and self-healing, also the ways of integrating these experiences into everyday life, for a true human development.

We will have the opportunity to clarify aspects of the subtle realities, to undo some confusions of language and to update the knowledge of the Greater Reality in a transdisciplinary way.

In synthesis to live the process of shamanic healing and understand them in the light of todays thinking.

It is intended for all who are interested in human development, consciousness expansion and shamanic healing.

Shamanic knowledge is not required to participate.

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