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Human Development based on interpretation of the Astrological Chart, an instrument of self-knowledge and therapy that shows the meaning and purpose of life and makes it easier to take informed decisions.

Humanistic Astrology helps to discover, develop and maintain a favourable attitude of the personality to realise full human potential.

This process of realisation of full individual human potential is the dynamic journey from Karma to Dharma, to use the language of traditional oriental wisdom, while in Deep Psychology it is the journey from fears to the freedom of the Human Being.

The Astrological Chart, Horoscope or Natal Chart shows the patterns of eternal memories, expressed in psychological patterns.

Psychological Astrology reveals the patterns of the personality that represent obstacles and those that encourage Human Realisation, Dharma, in oriental language.

Transpersonal Astrology considers human beings in their physical, emotional, mental and awareness-related components.

Human Development based on interpretation of the astrological chart helps to understand the dynamics of life, guides people to an occupation/vocation and helps to reflect on life’s questions, dilemmas and crises, giving them meaning, showing evolutionary directions in each person’s development process.

It is aimed at all those who want to assume responsibility for their life and their evolutionary process.

RELATIONAL ASTROLOGY applies to couples, families, groups and organisations.

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