The Art of Attention


22 and 23 September

Registration until 7 September

"Do not meditate deeply who has not danced intensely. Do not laugh joyfully who has not truly wept."

Interactive Concert

4, 12 and 24 September

Transformation journey, healing and expansion of consciousness, sustained by the sonorous vibrations of ancestral instruments and voice.

Astrology of Conscious Evolution - Astrology of the Soul


Webinar - Training presentation 1 October

Espaço e 4 Elementos

Transdisciplinary Centre
Research - Studies – Awareness Experiences.

The five elements: Space, Ether. the Quintessence that contains, vitalises and animates the other four elements of nature, Fire, Water, Earth and Air.

Espaço e 4 Elementos is a vision for Human Development, considering the fundamental anthropology of the Human Being, in accordance with the vision of ancient sages and today’s deep psychology.

Its vision is the holistic paradigm.

The Coordinator,
Maria Margarida Barros

Primordial Memory

School of Core Shamanism

Imagem EscolaImagem Escola

Primordial Memory - School of Core Shamanism has a vision of recovering and updating Shamanism, in this 21st century, respecting and honouring Knowledge and All those who preserve It to this day.

Shamanism is an Open System of Knowledge, practised since primordial times. The earliest vestiges of shamanic practice in Europe date from 30,000 BC, while there are other traces from 50,000 BC and even earlier.

Primordial Memory - School of Core Shamanism in addition to Instruction in Core Shamanism – Primordial Nature® develops Human Development Programmes and Research.


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